Become A Co-Star Partner

Co-Star partner organizations support the EnviroStars Program by promoting the benefits of EnviroStars to businesses, clients, their members, and the public.

Meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a responsible environmental record.
  • Do business and/or provide a service in participating EnviroStars Cooperative counties (for at least six months).
  • Establish an ongoing plan for your participation as a Co-Star.
  • Educate employees about the EnviroStars program and their role as Co-Star.
  • Actively promote EnviroStars in standard and creative ways.

Agree to participate in at least four following options:

  • Serve as a mentor to businesses interested in becoming EnviroStars.
  • Sponsor a best management practice/environmental workshop.
  • Speak about EnviroStars at a business group meeting (chambers, trade associations, rotaries, etc).
  • Host an EnviroStars presentation in conjunction with the EnviroStars Cooperative.
  • Put a promotional or editorial item in your newsletter.
  • Place a promotional display in your building.
  • Provide educational information at an employee event, fair or meeting.
  • Create an announcement, insert or mailing about EnviroStars and distribute to customers or members of your organization.
  • Provide financial resources, goods or services to the EnviroStars Cooperative.
  • Implement other creative ideas with approval from the EnviroStars Cooperative.

To create a Co-Star partner agreement, contact Laurel Tomchick at 206-263-3063.